Research Methods in Forensic Psychology

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We're studying psychological phenomena in relation to the context and situation in which it emerges. We're exploring evolutionary processes and the comparison of humans with other animals, in order to study the origins of behaviour.

We're researching the most effective and reliable methods to gather information about criminal activities, that ensure accurate investigations. This site uses cookies.

Research Methods for Forensic Psychologists A guide to completing your research project

Forensic psychology research. Explore our work in forensic psychology, one of our areas of expertise in Psychology. Facilities and research methods Our research makes use of the following facilities: Virtual reality labs — these are used to re-enact risky situations for offenders and non-offenders to assess decision-making and emotion.

Mock police interview suite — the suite features a one-way observation, discrete cameras and audio recording. A second room mimics a lounge setting, used for mock burglary scenarios and exploring child behaviour. Digital analysis and video editing suite — this facility is used for analysing video feedback. Photo booth — we use our photo booth in studies involving police line-ups and mugshots. Applied cognition lab — the lab is used for simultaneous testing of multiple participants on computer-based experiments. This also includes eye-tracking labs. Pursuing and Prosecuting International Crime: Unpicking cross-cultural issues in eliciting information We worked with the International Criminal Court and multi-disciplinary colleagues to produce an evidence-based policy resource for cross-cultural interviewing for UK and international investigative practitioners.

Live video and photo identification We examined the effect of the identification medium on eyewitness decisions. Explore the others below.

What do forensic psychologists do?

Quality of life, health and wellbeing. Read more. Situated action and communication.

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Comparative and evolutionary psychology. Research groups. International Centre for Research in Forensic Psychology.

Forensic Psychology MSc

This book is essential reading for advanced students in Forensic Psychology, as well as trainees and practitioners within relevant forensic psychology organisations. Search all titles. Search all titles Search all collections. Your Account Logout. Research Methods for Forensic Psychologists.

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By Sarah Brown, Emma Sleath. Edition 1st Edition.

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